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Our special videos for you

All of us at Fincas Venalis are in love with Menorca, and one way of showing you our preferences is through this section which we’ve decided to call “MEDIA” Here you can view all sorts of different videos, as an image is better than a thousand words. For example, discover our island over the winter months, when the beaches are empty and more stunning than ever with sunlit turquoise water and golden sand Watch huge birds circling in the clearest of skies, discover ravines on foot or horseback, with beautiful rock formations and huge caves. Check out delicious traditional gastronomy made from fresh local produce. Experience Menorca’s different fiestas in the towns throughout the summer. Explore all those hidden spots, including Menorca’s prehistoric settlements and sunken ships… the to do list is never-ending! Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve, so if you want to build your own house, contribute by seeking out innovative techniques to save energy! We’ll put you in touch with all the experts in the field.

These are just a few examples of what you can view at the moment, but we’ll keep on adding videos related to specific Menorcan topics that we think will interest you. Sit back and relax as you begin to fall in love with our wonderful island as well!

If you like our videos, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and receive all the updates. We also have lots of videos of the properties we have or have had for sale for you to watch.

Discover Menorca

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Buildings built according to the Passivhaus standards are able to reduce between a 70% and 90% the need of...

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The wonders of Menorca’s submarine world.

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