A few decorating ideas for your new house

Check them out! We like sharing them with you

Here at Fincas Venalis we think that, when you buy a house, you may fall in love with it as it is and that it’s prefect for you, whether it’s Menorcan style, classic or rustic. On the other hand, you may choose your new property focusing on its location or potential, but don’t actually like the style, or feel that some decor features need improving. Home decor is exciting and we all have different tastes and ideas; some just can’t be bothered, others don’t have time, while others enjoy alternative viewpoints. That’s why we’ve created this section with plenty of images, where you’re sure to find some great ideas on how to improve your new house and turn it into your dream home.

With all of this in mind, and in case we can give you a helping hand, we’ve included this section on our website, and our good friend Estela Maca has kindly contributed her tips and a collection of videos on decor. We can’t show you the videos in this section, but she currently has 170 up on You Tube and you can subscribe to her channel to watch them and any upcoming new ones, If you want to contact her direct, her email address is in the upper right corner of this page. You’ll also see a link to her website, where you can purchase some really interesting items.

Welcome to the world of home decor, have fun!

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