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Bosques, playas y cuevas: un día en la naturaleza menorquina


Today we offer you how to spend a day on the north coast of the island, with three intense activities but worth knowing. Specifically, we will take Cala...

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Menorca: un viaje ecológico


We all like to travel and get in touch with new cultures, new lifestyles and, in this way, increase our vital experience. What we neglect on each trip...

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An incredible club hidden in the caves of Menorca


When we arrived in Menorca, one of my friends commented something about a club hidden in some caves but that one seemed so ridiculous (and so "Alibaba...

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Menorca: the little sister of Mallorca


Menorca is the little sister of Mallorca and likes to take things easier. The island, which spends the summer season without noisy crowds of tourists...

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Shopping in Menorca


If you are looking to take with you some interesting memories when visiting the island, nothing better than a craft market that is full of handmade...

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Travel to Menorca - prepare your trip


If you plan to travel to Menorca, you should read this article as we intend to offer you some recommendations that we consider useful for your trip to...

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Travel to Menorca


Menorca offers a wide range of cultural and leisure or, as well, nature possibilities to enjoy it, but before delighting us with them it is good to know...

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Menorca - come and discover new experiences


Everything starts the same: you tell your friends that you are going to travel to Menorca. They probably think you can´t get your tongue round it, and...

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An important sailing event in Menorca: Copa del Panerai for classic old-style boats.


Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, once again hosts this regatta as part of Panerai's prestigious international classic yacht challenge....

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5 things you have to do on your trip to Menorca


For starters, did you know that the name of the island literally means "smaller island"? Moreover, this contrasts with its neighbor Mallorca. But...

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