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The town of Ferreries


Ferreries is just past Mercadal, a little more to the west of the center of the island. There is already evidence that it existed in 1301, in the...

Cala Galdana Menorca
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How to terminate your energy contracts when moving to Menorca?


Moving your home involves paperwork. Between the rental contracts or the deeds of the new apartment, we forget about another administrative...

cambiar de compañía eléctrica
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The town of Es Mercadal


Right in the center of the island we find the beautiful town of Es Mercadal, whose name comes from the Latin "ipso mercatale" and this one from...

Es Mercadal
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The town of Alaior


Following the general road from east to west or, what is the same, leaving Mahón in the direction of Ciutadella, we find the town of Alaior about...

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The city of Mahón


We are going to start this series of articles about the cities and towns of Menorca with Mahón, the capital of the island. A little...

Mahon Menorca
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The cities and towns of Menorca


Many times we fall in love with a place because we have been on vacation in it but if we have decided to buy a house in Menorca, we believe that we...

Cales Fonts Menorca
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The interior of Menorca


Menorca is widely known for its beaches, unique in the Mediterranean for being a Biosphere Reserve. However, the interior of the island is much...

Fountain of a menorcan country house
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Investing in the holiday market in Menorca


One option to consider when buying a property in Menorca is to invest in the holiday market. Holiday market investment consists of buying a...

Villa in Menorca
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Menorca and its beaches III


This month we are going to continue with some of Menorca’s most famous beaches. To that end, we will visit again the south coast of the...

Cala Turqueta
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Disinfection of houses with ozone


Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants that exists today. In fact, the WHO recommends it on its website since it destroys 99.9% of...

Ozono Menorca
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