Beaches of Menorca in winter

Certain gems are not accessible to everyone. Few people visit during the heart of winter, and many will never have the opportunity to do so. As the colder months arrive and low season begins the island’s population drastically decreases. Such change is particularly visible in the coastal areas where you will find houses closed up for the winter, boats in dry-dock and incomparable crystalline waters. Life is different; the pace of life slows down, the light and aura change. Rough sea crashing into the rocks is a common and spectacular scene, although we also enjoy peaceful and sunny days. These are perfect days to practice water sports, go on a bike ride, for a run, horse riding or even hiking along the Camí de Cavalls. The Camí de Cavalls is a bridle path surrounding the island that offers great natural and landscape value all year round. During the winter months, the island slowly recovers from the busy summer. One can observe the posidonia partly covering the beaches, drift wood swept onto the sand, plants growing back or flowers preparing for the spring. Posidonia is not seaweed, but an aquatic plant that lives on the seabed. It is fundamental for the preservation of the marine and land ecosystem as it protects the sand from the winter storms. In the summer it is often removed from the most visited beaches to allow visitors to better enjoy the coast. In winter, it is put back so that it can continue protecting the sand and oxygenating the coastal waters. This video was filmed during the months of February and March. It is a tribute to those who appreciate winters in Menorca and, instead of seeing monotony, they see beauty, tranquility, harmony, balance…this video allows you to see the hidden face of Menorca. Once you have seen the island in its purest form, you may feel tempted to visit at the time when the days are shorter, but full of intensity and authenticity. Be seduced by an authentic & natural Menorca…

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