The wonders of Menorca’s submarine world.

Our natural environment is “dry land” but we soon learnt to live and enjoy the sea, especially to sail our waters. Thanks to technology, the next step was to find out more about the fascinating submarine world of which there is yet a lot to discover. Few places in the world offer the diversity found in Menorca’s waters.

Menorca offers a magnificent coast line with beautiful beaches and majestic cliffs, but our crystalline waters have, over the years, enchanted many experienced divers that have come to visit the island.

The white sandy beaches combine with rocky areas, posidonia meadows, vertical abrupt walls, ship wrecks and, most especially, underground caves with air chambers which are generally of easy access. The most famous caves are found in the area of “Cap den Font”. Some examples are “Catedral”, “Orge”, “Campanar” and “Pou de sa LLuna”. The marine fauna is abundant and varied, partly because of the type of sea bed, and partly thanks to the highly protected island coast. Menorca was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993 and we currently have two marine reserves. One on the north coast which was created in 1999, and a second one on the south coast approved in 2019 which was identified as “Reserva de la Isla del Aire”.

This section of our website is aimed at offering a different version of Menorca, at showing the incomparable submarine world. If you would like to discover it all you need to do is go for it!

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