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Once upon a time, there was a dream island…mystical and magical. An island adrift in the Mediterranean. Primitive and now extinct civilizations inhabited this island, civilizations that worked with stone and have left a long and lasting legacy which has been enriched by various occupations, raids, and intercultural exchanges over thousands of years. Each and every civilization that has walked the island’s paths has left an indelible footprint in the form of wealth and knowledge. This rich past has shaped today’s beautiful island, with cliffs carved by wind and sea - this our Menorca. The first ray of sunshine in Spain caresses the white-washed houses on the island’s coast line. As day breaks, breath-taking gold tones turn dark green, turquoise, ochre and red: a rainbow gleaming on a castaway island surrounded by transparent, crystalline and warm waters. A place of calm, where time pauses and where one can enjoy good quality of life, good food, good people. The evenings convert into intense twilights where nature, exalted under the sizzling sun, turns bucolic and peaceful. The scenery now reveals the perfect balance of nature’s magic splendor. It is no coincidence that the island was declared a Biosphere Reserve some decades ago. Visitors and travellers will be fascinated by the island’s blue and green hues and the immaculate white-washed houses which in the past have blinded with beauty yesterday’s visitors. The island’s dotted villages culminate a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. This island offers practically all the elements of a perfect fairy tale. Delve into Menorca and become a main character of this story.

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