Your vacation home during the COVID-19

Your vacation home during the COVID-19


Although COVID-19 cases have been literally popping up in all corners of the country, those living in major cities, in particular, may feel that they are at higher risk than typical rural Spanish. And given how the great cities of our country, such as Madrid or Barcelona, have become the epicentre of the outbreak, that fear is not unfounded.

It is for this reason that some people seek retreats or places to hide from the COVID-19, rental properties in more remote areas of the country where they can more easily distance themselves socially.

But while you may not have the option to rent property right now, what if you already own a vacation home in a more remote location? Technically, since that property is yours, you have the right to occupy it whenever you want. So should you pack your bags and head to that second house? Or should you continue to take refuge in your main home, wherever you are?

Travel is not advisable at this time.

When you own a house in a picturesque or remote place, such as the island of Menorca, escaping can be attractive. But there is a danger of settling in a small city or town right now: If many other people do the same, it will limit the resources that are already intended for a restricted population.

Imagine that you live in a major city. That city probably has a dozen (or more) supermarkets that you can access and several major hospitals and healthcare facilities. Now think of the beach house you might have in a small town with a supermarket and a small hospital equipped to treat a handful of emergency patients at once. If too many people invade that city, they will at least make it difficult for locals to get the food and supplies they need. And in a more dangerous scenario, you will risk overwhelming the city's only hospital.

A large number of visitors =…

It is also true that most coastal cities are used to the influx of visitors and residents during the summer months. Right now, however, they are poorly equipped to handle a surge of supermarket shoppers and hospital patients, so it is emphasized that homeowners not occupy their second homes, even if they have the right to do so.

Another thing to remember is that there is a danger in traveling now. Stopping for refuelling, or using a public restroom could mean interacting with more people who can transmit COVID-19 or have a higher risk of contracting it. I think you agree with us when we say that this is an opportunity that you really don't need to take advantage of right now.

As tempting as it is to run away to your vacation home, doing so could put undue pressure on a small town's resources and put you in a position where you risk not being able to get the supplies or care you need. While you may be desperate for a change of scenery right now, your best and safest bet may be to do exactly what the doctors say: just stay home.

Your vacation home during the COVID-19

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